Launch! #1

Still work-in-progress, this website is the place for my writing, as well as design and personal projects.

You can see some of the links in the navigation panel being crossed out: this means those sections have no content yet. I'm going to be introducing the content – the stories, the web experiments etc. – during the next couple of months.

Right now, my first published project – 2011 – is available for reading. 2011 is a Harry Potter alternate universe where, instead of being stuck in the quasi-medieval environment, wizards kept up with the progress of the muggle world. Its name is from the year Harry Potter went to Hogwarts within the timeline of the world.

Another worldbuilding project – the Dark Side – is going to be posted on the site within a day or two. It explores an alternate-history real world where magic suddenly appeared during the tail end of the World War II. The Soviet government, afraid of the influx of power the new mages provide, gathered them all to something suspiciously similar to the concentration camps.

People rebelled after finding out. It was decided that two countries – colloquially Russia-Europe, now known for its embrace of progress and technological advantage, and Russia-Asia, a major world resource supplier and an equally major Olympic champion trainer – would be established on Russian territory after the USSR's collapse. Set in 2013, the Dark Side aims to explore both the world of geopolitics and how the third generation of mages lives in a modern society.

(you know the project becomes available when the link is no longer crossed out)

I'm doing this thing for a living, so if you'd like to support me – head over to the Patreon page on this website to find out how you can do so, monthly or one-time-only. Any donation is appreciated!

You can contact me if you have questions, compliments, heads-ups or anything I should know about.

– Firebrand